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Podcast 2187 Episode 114: Last Episode Before Resistance!

In this episode, join in with Tim, Jared, and Mark as they talk about their expectations for Star Wars: Resistance before it premieres! Also, we talk about the current canon novels, Tim’s bot status, potential Resistance/Episode IX crossovers, and more! And as a total side note, this episode was almost called “Sloh Snoo Sweeze”. If you’re wondering why, you should listen to the episode because I can promise you, no other Star Wars podcast out there almost named their episode “Sloh Snoo Sweeze.”


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Podcast 2187

Tim is a lifelong Star Wars geek. His favorite books are the Timothy Zahn Star Wars novels. If you say you don't like John Williams, JJ Abrams, or Brian Tyler, prepare to be corrected.
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