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Podcast 2187 Episode 115: Yub Nub, Tim, Yub Nub

Join in with Mark, Jared, and Tim in this new episode as they discuss some of the latest in Star Wars, such as thoughts on the new animated series Star Wars: Resistance, as well as thoughts on The Mandalorian and where that might be going. As you might guess, there were a couple other things along the way, but Star Wars related! (Hint: Think constables, previous bad guests named Noah, cowboy hats, and things of that nature).
Send us your thoughts of Resistance! We’d love to get your take on the show thus far!


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Podcast 2187

Tim is a lifelong Star Wars geek. His favorite books are the Timothy Zahn Star Wars novels. If you say you don't like John Williams, JJ Abrams, or Brian Tyler, prepare to be corrected.
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