Rebel Grrrl Episode 104 – Women Beating Up Han Solo: A Star Wars Story

Thanks for checking out “Rebel Grrrl” again! This episode is packed full of news and “spoilers” for the first three episodes of Star Wars Resistance.

  • Star Wars Resistance is finally here. We discuss our first impressions and the best parts of the first three episodes.
  • The directors of the first season of The Mandalorian. What we like about the choices and what to expect possibly from their episodes. I don’t know why I thought Dope was set in the 1980’s but it’s not!
  • The firing of Chuck Wendig by Marvel, fan reactions and what it means for other writers in the Star Wars community.
  • Questions from our Patrons including dream film casting and authors we’d like to see write Star Wars.
  • The Kessel Toy Run 2 has begun! Get details on how you can contribute here.
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