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Star Wars: Episode IX’s Jordan filming and what social media tells us about who may be on set

Last July, MakingStarWars.net broke the news that Star Wars: Episode IX would be filming in Jordan. Since then a set in Jordan has been discovered by a Reddit user. There have been social media posts which also lead to clues about who is filming in Jordan and as of now it looks like the location could be really huge for all the main players in the final episode of the Skywalker Saga. Our friend KroiSolo was curious about what was up with Rey and Kylo and and resorted to Twitter sleuthing. Adam Driver’s recent schedule changes seem to line up with Daisy Ridley’s filming in Jordan. Obviously this is circumstantial but if you’re as interested in Star Wars: Episode IX as we are, this pertains to your interests.

With the a close eye on the Jordan shoot, KroiSolo thought we might find find these bits interesting:


Sept. 16th tweet that the IX crew is leaving for Jordan for a three-month shoot starting Monday the 17th.


Oct. 1st Tweeter says they were told the cast/crew are staying in Aqaba and filming in Wadi Rum “next week.”


Oct. 3rd Anthony Daniels tweets a joke about lunch on set at Pinewood, then suggests Shredded Cabbage is a code name for Kylo Ren.


Oct. 5th Jordan set is discovered by Reddit user who believes they saw Daisy Ridley.

Photos of Jordan’s Wadi Rum set from Star Wars: Episode IX!


Oct. 6th Adam Driver was scheduled to speak at Cambridge Union Society, but had to cancel due to Star Wars having a “massive schedule change” that needs to shoot “next week.”



Oct. 7th Adam Driver attends BAFTA BlacKkKlansman Q&A.



Oct. 10th A tweet from Intercontinental Amman states that the Episode IX cast and crew are in the hotel but the tweeter hasn’t seen them personally.

2018 10 26 11 40 25 m a on Twitter Apparently the cast and crew of Star Wars are staying at my hot











2018 10 26 11 41 58 m a on Twitter This Jordanian wedding in my hotel looked so lit…


























Oct. 15th Anthony Daniels tweets about Pinewood lunch again and asks, “And where is Shredded Cabbage?”


Oct. 16th Adam Driver does not attend London Film Festival premiere of The Man Who Killed Don Quixote.


Oct. 19th John Boyega posts on Instagram regarding his arrival in Aqaba and attends a party that night; no mention or pictures of other cast members.

A Few Exclusive Star Wars: Episode IX Photos from Pinewood Studios as Boyega arrives in Jordan!

Cast and Crew party in Jordan from John Boyega? Can anyone make out any other familiar faces? from StarWarsLeaks


Oct. 20th NY Daily News editor tweets that she saw Adam Driver in restaurant in NYC.


Oct. 21st Tweeter says they saw Daisy Ridley in Dubai.


Elvira Lind, the wife of Oscar Isaac, is in Jordan:


Thanks again to KroiSolo for compiling this list!


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