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Star Wars Resistance 3.75” figures debuting Spring 2019!

Star Wars Resistance officially premieres this Sunday and to continue to get us hyped up, Hasbro has unveiled a new line of 3.75” figures which Cnet unveiled this morning. Much like The Clone Wars And Star Wars Rebels toy figure lines, these will also be in the animated style. I’m a massive fan of animated figures from there respective shows, so I’m extremely happy Hasbro is putting these out. Check out the images below.

Kazuda Xiono

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Poe Dameron And BB-8:

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Commander Pyre

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Torra Doza

287F4FAE B0DE 42A4 9AB5 D85C6641A9A7

Synara San

C5730759 C289 4C4E AE01 9DC163FD1FFB

Major Vonreg

9FACDC71 B750 45CD 9BD9 6E9434CA3A9B

Jarek Yeager

82C257B7 3492 4512 B7F5 5F8AEC75EE13

First Order stormtrooper

B04F23DE EE17 4B8F 8381 1A63C0DD6ABA

My favorite figures are definitely Yeager and the Poe/BB-8 set. I’m stocked to have a animated BB-8 Figure. These figures will have five points of articulation. Hopefully we get a Wave 2 with more of the key characters from the show. Wave 1 hits Spring 2019. I’m definitely adding these to my collection, are you?

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