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Star Wars: The Mandalorian Set Report, a better look at the location, woman director rumor, and MCU director rumor!

After the rad announcement that gave us the name of the series today, we have another Star Wars: The Mandalorian report for you.

This report is a follow up to today’s earlier report from the set of the live-action Star Wars series. The MSW team got a quick shot of the bazaar area, which now does appear to be just alleyways as we assumed in our last report.  Since they are pulling it apart it’s a bit more open to view. You can see a little more of the architecture on the doorway for instance. 

The picture below is of more walls from the black-floored area marketplace bizarre area with doors. One can also see the additional set they’ve built further back behind the existing structure with the new wood and white covering on the top.

Screen Shot 2018 10 03 at 1.46.35 PM

Our team saw a guy walking around in a heavy big black robe, about to enter the shooting set.  The man in the black robe was moving really fast, ducking behind things so he couldn’t be seen well. We believe this was a major actor covered up well enough that we could not determine the identity of the performer.  Or it could be a character who wears a huge black robe, but we’re not certain.
It is getting pretty hot and humid out there so it can’t be pleasant in those costumes or that robe. The rain should be here in about four hours, so they will get a full day of shooting without the rain.
Finally, there was a real taste of actual exciting filming going on. While watching the action, a distinctly female voice yelled “action” and then there was a sound like several people jumping up and down on thin wooden boards,  and all of a sudden there were puffs of smoke rising up from the set.  It was most likely the sound of charges on the walls going off or on characters popping off. It is safe to assume these will be replaced with visual effects depicting blaster fire and explosive sounds in post production when they Ben Burtt the hell out of the show. We were hoping to be able to confirm a woman directing at least an episode of the show we’ve heard about but with the stunts involved and such, the person yelling “action”  could be the director but it could also be an assistant director or a stunt director.
So we think a female director is coming. For what is also worth, I was sent a picture of Taika Waititi and the source went silent. So I’m not sure if he’s directing the last episode of the show and is the rumored MCU person or if they were taking a guess too. Any way, add Taika Waititi to the rumor pile as my “educated” guess for the director of the last episode of the series.
Yesterday we also heard that Pedro Pascal was cast in the series, however, a friend in the industry contacted his representation and they denied it. They didn’t give a “no comment” and they said our report was incorrect. So that’s just a wait and see. I would imagine the cast will be announced very soon now that the title is out.

Check back for more updates as we continue to follow all things of interest with Star Wars and The Mandalorian!

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