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The Mandalorian and the Remnants of the Empire after “Star Wars: Return of the Jedi” with a photo!

Please do not openly discuss the details of this article on social media as to not spoil the the show for anyone that does not wish to be spoiled. While we love spoilers, not all fans do, so lets not upset anyone that doesn’t want to know these details and potentially ruin the experience for anyone. Don’t be a fool, be cool!

In a recent story, I wrote about the rumors I was hearing about remnants of the Empire including Stormtroopers showing up in The Mandalorian. The idea of the story taking place in the aftermath of the Empire makes your imagination push further out and conceive of the troopers as extinct. But it looks more and more like the troopers were pushed to the outer rim. As the first press release stated, this story takes place far away from the reaches of the New Republic. Are these troopers controlled by the “Regional Governors” or are they just aimless militias taking from the people because there’s no central Imperial government to fund their existence?

Is this like when the Nazis escaped to South America but with a Star Wars twist? Based on another location’s report we heard, we think there’s a lot of stormtroopers and not just these two guys we can present as evidence for their inclusion in the series.

We could not obtain a solid shot of the stormtroopers’ masks. So we can’t confirm if they’re different or if they’re the same as the ones we saw in Return of the Jedi. There’s so much time in between when The Mandalorian and when The Force Awakens take place, it would be kind of strange to see very much growth towards that design at this point, some three decades before Kylo Ren.

In other weird news, they were mixing in some red sand into the mix recently and when filming today they were wetting the sand to make the ground appear wet. That’s weird for a volcanic world. Will we see rain hitting the hot ground and sizzling as it hits? Or has this world’s volcanic activity ceased in this era and we just see the black remnants of a more turbulent time for the location?

Either way, we have now empirically spotted two Stormtroopers (one looks like a Biker Scout) on the set of The Mandalorian, confirming you are likely to see the last bastions of the Empire in the series before The First Order rises up in its place. This location was right next to where we saw the alien chilling yesterday. And who do you think the cast member was yesterday?

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