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The Star Wars Live Action Series is called THE MANADALORIAN!

Jon Favreau just shared the name of the Live Action Television Series and it is The Mandalorian! We first reported that the series would be about the restoration of Mandalore after the fall of the Empire and that MSW scoop is now confirmed thanks to Favreau’s Instagram post:


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Make sure you check out our set reports we’ve had coming for the last couple of days if behind the scenes stuff is your jam. I am elated to hear that this premise is what they’re actually doing. The concept has so much promise and I can’t wait until we learn more details. I love the title they went with and I think it is something we’ve all wanted to see since George Lucas opened up the Mando frontier in Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

Keep your eye on MSW for more updates! We hope you’re as excited as we are!

Check back for more updates as we continue to follow all things of interest with Star Wars and The Mandalorian!

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More to come!

Thanks to Leeandro for the heads up!


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