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Trailer: Our Star Wars Stories! Also, it has Sal in it!

A trailer hit this afternoon for “Our Star Wars Stories.” The best part is that you can see our podcast co-host in it. Yep, Sal and his family of Rogue Rebels are featured in the first run of these documentaries about Star Wars fans that have done interesting and incredible things with their love of the saga.

Check out the trailer:

I think we need that audio asking if Sal is crying in the intro of the show from now on.

I can’t wait to see the series and especially Sal and Liz’s episode. I have no idea what the scope of the episode is but I can tell you that Sal and his family get up at 5am all the time and head down to orphanages and places with hospitalized children to bring them the love of Star Wars and hopefully bring them some happiness and hope.  I’ve seen that dude podcast with us until 2am and still go to the events the next day. He’s pretty close to being a real Jedi at this point.

Check out the series when it begins and we’ll let you know when Sal’s episode hits.

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