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A first look at an orange X-wing at Black Park from Star Wars: Episode IX?

Today we have some interesting set photos from Black Park, outside of Pinewood Studios where Star Wars: Episode IX is shooting. If you’ve followed our coverage of the shoot so far, you’re not looking at the aftermath of the filming. Our source in the area says that filming has concluded and the production now has one week to put the location back to how it was before filming began. The most interesting thing we received today was an aerial photo of an X-wing Fighter that is slightly dismantled from the Black Park location. The photo really takes me back to the old Greenham Common filming days on VII.

Could the X-wing be Poe Dameron’s new ride after his black X-wing was destroyed in The Last Jedi? We’ve heard rumors about another famous Star Wars pilot and we do wonder if it could belong to that character. We’ve now spotted the Falcon and this ship at the location.

Check back for more Star Wars: Episode IX news as we continue our extensive coverage of The Mandalorian!

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Thanks to Hibbs!

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