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A speeder photo from the set of The Mandalorian shares some similarities to ones from The Clone Wars

While down at the location of Star Wars: The Mandalorian I saw something interesting under a tarp. Thanks to the Force or maybe what you Earthlings call “a nice breeze” it became more and more exposed over time. If you look at the indention of the tarp near the middle, you can see where the person will sit inside it and you can see we are actually looking at the rear of a speeder recently made at the location’s shop. The speeder isn’t painted, and probably will have a lot of detailing and tech added to it. But that is the chassis of a speeder if you ask me. As I looked at it, I thought I recognized the rear of it from Star Wars: The Clone Wars’ Mandalorian arcs. I checked with my Padawan Corey Van Dyke (aka “The King of The Clone Wars“) and he said the episode “The Lawless” had something similar to what I’m looking for. He was right.

The Mandalorian Speeder

The rear thruster sections do share a very similar shape to the ones from The Clone Wars. But it’s worth remembering that this is around 30 years later. So while the shapes are similar maybe the one we’re looking at is a newer model from the area of Imperialism whereas the earlier one was from a more artisan era (aka the Prequel era.)

The Clone Wars Speeder

What do you think? Is is a stretch? It really could be a stretch but I also can’t shake the idea that what could be the thruster section of the speeder seen on set shares some of the characteristics of the other speeder and both have links to Mandalore in one way or another. The speeder could be just a background speeder that means nothing. If the speeder is Mandalorian in design, maybe it is our new hero’s ride?

Either way, hopefully you enjoyed seeing a little glimpse of something from one of the most anticipated future Star Wars releases and the speculation fueled your imagination to fun places. With Dave Filoni directing two episodes, it could just be some of Filoni’s art design preferences showing up in random places we are catching.

The Mandalorian will be released on Disney’s streaming service in 2019. There is still no word on if it will be dropped all at once or weekly. We will let you know the details so you can subscribe and see The Mandalorian when it releases as those details become available. And as always, keep checking back to for all of your Mandalorian news and coverage.


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