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Blue Harvest Episode Episode 175: Stan the Man

This week it’s Hawes and Will after dark.

  • Will and Hawes talk about the passing of Stan Lee and his influence on their lives.
  • Pedro Pascal cast in The Mandalorian?
  • What about Carl Weathers?
  • Gina Carano?

Listener emails and voice messages are discussed.

  • King Tom wonders if we may see any cross over between The Mandalorian and the upcoming Cassian series.
  • Demarcus calls in about Jedi: Fallen Order.
  • Steve Adi calls in about a variety of subjects.
  • James asks for some Christmas present giving advice.
  • Chad wonders if there will be any similarities between Cassian and The Mandalorian.
  • Jim has some questions about Obi Wan and Luke’s love life.
  • Dougy has an idea for a new type of Jedi character.
  • Laura writes in about Rey and Kylo.
  • Josh writes in about an encounter with Hawes at a Coheed and Cambria concert!

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