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Exclusive video and photos of a vehicle being moved on the set of Star Wars’ The Mandalorian!

Please do not share the details of this article openly on social media and spoil The Mandalorian for those that want to remain spoiler-free. These are very general spoilers but let’s respect other fans’ wishes and not spoil those that do not appreciate spoilers. What follows will be considered a spoiler to some so as always, be cool!

While watching Star Wars: The Mandalorian come together, I’ve seen a lot of Stormtroopers with “trash bags” over them. These cloaks hide the costumes and perhaps protect the costumes from unwanted dust. On this particular day, we saw the “trash bag” cloak made for a small ship! Okay, not really but the ship was moved from the set wrapped up in a giant black tarp.

If you’re reading this site dedicated to the making of Star Wars, I assume you’re like me and you’ll take the esoteric over nothing and you’ll take something potentially new in anyway you can experience it. In the photo below you can get a feel for the shape of the small ship or speeder and you can see the landing gear on the bottom of the ship. I would guess the ship could hold one to three people depending on how the cockpit is situated. The ship is a weird size in that its a big speeder or a small ship.

The ship was situated in that docking bay type of area that had long rectangular visor shaped window that ran the length of the building. I can’t say for certain it’s a docking bay, but I’ve only recently seen that kind of window in Star Wars Battlefront II on the Tatooine level where the U-wing escapes at the end. This is where a lot of Stormtroopers and Death Troopers meet the Mando in some kind of gun fight with the guy in suspenders and the lady we’ve seen in the black cloak.

The ship was on a crane at a few points and then the crane was used to move it. We can’t say if the crane was used to simulate lift off but at one point the ship was removed from the set and action sequences were filmed without the ship in the area anymore. It could be that the ship escapes or it simply could have been a hindrance to the tight space the crew is working in.

At first we thought the ship/speeder was a TIE Fighter without the wings on. There’s always a chance the ship is designed off a TIE Fighter. But the pod in the center has landing gear which makes me think this isn’t a TIE Fighter in the classic sense anyways.

The ship!

This ship was from the set which seems to be the center of the conflict in a courtyard type area. In the video I shared of Taika Waititi directing the Mandalorian on set, we see the Mando run to the right of the frame. I believe he exits that door and then runs into some “imperial entanglements” there.

The window runs the entire length of the missing area in the photos below but you can see a glimpse of the area from MSW’s Instagram photos:

Below are some photos of the set with the visor window as it was being built. When it was finally finished, I got a look inside with the naked eye and could see a lot of lights and technology inside. But it wasn’t clear if it was a docking bay control room or the local snack bar (that’s the beauty of Star Wars I suppose). But you can see the pock marks to the right of where the window was later installed.

The Mandalorian will be streamed on the Disney+ streaming service in 2019. The series has an eclectic lineup of directors supervised by show runner Jon Favreau. The Mandalorian will be the first live-action small-screen Star Wars and will be followed up by a Cassian Andor spy thriller series. 

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