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MSW sources further confirm Carl Weathers is in Star Wars: The Mandalorian

Rocky. Predator. Arrested Development. The Mandalorian.

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  • We first discussed this scoop on Now, This is Podcasting! Episode 248.
  • Another casting scoop regarding Pedro Pascal was also recently confirmed.

Today I had a pretty solid confirmation that Carl Weathers has shot sequences for Star Wars: The MandalorianI first shared this bit of news on “Now, This is Podcasting!” in early October. I often like to save something juicy for the podcast listeners. For our show that week, I saved that Carl Weathers was very likely in The Mandalorian. I have since been able to confirm he has filmed moments for the show. As far as casting goes, at this point, outside of getting a photo of him in costume, that’s as far as I can confirm Carl Weathers is in the series. Now, we just wait for official confirmation.

Carl Weathers has a role in Star Wars’ first live-action streaming show The Mandalorian. How cool is that?  Pedro Pascal has also seemingly been confirmed for the lead role since our initial story as well. If Pedro Pascal in Star Wars with CARL WEATHERS doesn’t get you pumped, I have failed you. Because this is probably my favorite story in the history of MSW. Carl Weathers is such a badass from great films like Rocky and Predator. He was also so funny in Arrested Development as Tobias’ acting coach. As a kid, he was my favorite action hero and I’m elated he’s in Star Wars.MV5BMDFiNTY2MjEtM2I5OC00OTJiLWE3YjYtNjEzNmQ5OThkOWM0XkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyNjQ4ODE4MzQ@. V1 SX1777 CR001777962 AL

The only loose thread yet to get additional casting confirmations so far has been John Leguizamo. However, unless there was some kind of behind-the-scenes complication, I feel that it would be strange if Weathers and Pascal panned out but Leguizamo didn’t (and there are others I can’t talk about that have since been confirmed for me as well). In other words, I feel that the success rate of the other roles has me expecting that to pan out as well.

That said, sometimes things just change. Gina Carano is also said to have a part in the series but at this point we don’t know if she is a part of the main cast or a featured character in an episode.

After my conversation today and all of the work I’ve been putting into this rumor since last summer, I feel pretty confident in stating that Carl Weathers is in The Mandalorian. Quality sources continue to give me positive nods to such a degree at this point, Carl Weathers not being in the show would be insane. I’ve been hearing about things about Weathers in the series since 2017. Now, here we are at the end of 2018 and sources are telling me he has filmed for the series.

The Mandalorian is Star Wars’ first live-action streaming series. The show will premiere on Disney+, a new streaming service from Disney that will offer new episodes of Star Wars: The Clone Wars and a spy thriller about Rogue One: A Star Wars Story’s Cassian Andor. The Mandalorian is expected to release in 2019.

Checkout the episode of “Now, This is Podcasting!” where we first discussed this casting:

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