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Over 100 location photos of Star Wars: The Mandalorian as it goes through many set configurations in recent days!

In the last week, the location of Star Wars: The Mandalorian has gone through a lot of different set configurations. Filming appears to have been light overall with the location seeming to be in a constant state of flux. The Mandalorian speeder we wrote about recently is still being stored out there but has since been covered up, which you can see in some of the photos in this report. Most of the work seems to have been moving towards making the lot more about the lava/magma planet as opposed to the Tatooine-styled sets we saw in earlier waves of filming here.

I found this to be of interest. We have had what we think are two planet locations included in the filming at this location. One is like “Tatooine.” One is like “Sullust” with lots of blackened lava around the gray set. Strangely, the orange “blast door” style of door from the Tatooine set was added to the the Sullust-type set. I’m still not convinced this is the same planet so it makes me wonder if there is some significance to the door style. Does a certain gang use it for security or something like that? It could be nothing, but it was notable nonetheless. We think there is a chance that the other planet’s set might be doubling for a long street on the Tatooine set and until we see any of the black stuff added to the top of the buildings, it’s our best guess.

Recent photos from the set:

The Mandalorian 0099 1
The Mandalorian 0099


Here is a photo of the door from the Tattooine set we have not been able to get a good look at in recent set builds. But you can see its a thick door slightly open, orange, and very durable. It matches the giant orange blast door for what we think might be the cantina George Lucas visited some days ago.

The Mandalorian 0099 2


However, just moments ago they changed the configuration of the sets and it looks like some of the orange doors have been painted a darker color gray now:

The Mandalorian 0150 1







Most of the set was torn down and rebuilt. Here is some of the progress:

Here is a gallery of the rebuild in progress over last weekend:

Check back for more exclusive coverage of The Mandalorian! Also please make sure to send a toy to a hospitalized child this holiday season for the second Kessel Toy Run!I hope all the voices in the Star Wars community will help us push this endeavor forward because this means more than most things we do every day in our fandom. Please share the images of these fliers below on your social media, on the work/office bulletin board, and with your friends and family:

"The Kessel Toy Run" is back! Star Wars fans we need your help this year. Donate unopened Star Wars toys for hospitalized children!
"The Kessel Toy Run" is back! Star Wars fans we need your help this year. Donate unopened Star Wars toys for hospitalized children!

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The Mandalorian will premiere on Disney’s streaming service in 2019 along with new episode of Star Wars: The Clone Wars! We will let you know when more details become available.


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