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Blue Harvest Episode 177: The Highlander 2 of Star Wars Podcasts

Will and Hawes are princes of the universe.

  • Star Wars Galaxy of Adventure debuts!
  • Nick Nolte in The Mandalorian?
  • The Russo brothers visit the set of The Mandalorian.
  • The Cassian Andor series has a show runner!
  • A surprising leak from a deleted scene from The Force Awakens.
  • Thoughts of Star Wars Resistance episode “The Platform Classic.”

Listener emails and voice messages are discussed.

  • King Tom wants to know what kind of content we’d like to see on the new Star Wars kids YouTube channel.
  • Rural Farm Boy calls in about last week’s episode.
  • Jim calls in after a shocking realization about Will.
  • Billy Bob wants Star Wars Legends recommendations.
  • Utah Dougy wonders if there will be flash backs in the Cassian series.

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