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Blue Harvest Episode 179: That Cast Though!

This week Hawes tries to rescue Will from the land of Dungeon and Dragons.

  • The cast for The Mandalorian has been officially announced!
  • King Tom discovers a possible Clone Wars connection.
  • Mark Hamill talks about Episode IX.
  • Thoughts on Star Wars Resistance episode Station Theta Black

Listener emails about voice messages are discussed.

  • King Tom wants to know what we’d bring back from Legends.
  • Josh wonders if we’ll see Cloud City in Episode IX.
  • Dave wants to know what our opinion is on canon.
  • Rural Farmboy writes in about Hawes’ thoughts on videogames in Star Wars.
  • Eddie wants to know what we consider to be a full set of bounty hunters.
  • Chris  has some thoughts on Luke in Episode IX.
  • Billy Bob writes in about Star Wars and takes a quick swipe at Ang Lee’s Hulk movie.

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