Idiot’s Array: Episode 78 – Empathy in Star Wars – Part 2

In this episode, Alan, Mark, and Ryder continue their discussion on empathy in Star Wars by examining The Force Awakens, The Last Jedi, Rogue One, and Ahsoka. 

Was Ahsoka the template for what the Jedi should have been? (per Dave Hackerson’s email)

Did Rey have empathy for Kylo Ren or just saw him as a potential tool to help the Resistance? 

Was it empathy that kept Kylo Ren from killing Leia? 

Why was Luke Skywalker conflicted about Rey leaving Ahch-To to go to Kylo Ren? 

Was empathy the reason the Rogue One crew was successful? 

Join us for this and much more! We would be honored. 

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