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Star Wars: Episode IX Rumors – Back in Black, Turtles, Castles, and 13 dazzling photos

Please do not share the details of this article openly on social media and spoil Star Wars: Episode IX for those that want to remain spoiler-free. These are very general spoilers but let’s respect other fans’ wishes and not spoil those that do not appreciate spoilers. What follows will be considered a spoiler to some so as always, be cool! Guard your language like a Gamorrean.

Today we have some tidbits and photos from Star Wars: Episode IX. We have a large castle-type set up at Pinewood Studios. The crew is back in Black Park. We have rumors about the worlds and climates of the film and some rumors related to that chatter as well as some kind of first look coming to Disney Channel on Christmas day. Also make sure you’ve read last week’s update if you haven’t for more context to this piece. 

A Christmas Day Surprise

First off, a little bit about some promotional content. A friend of MSW was at Disney World where a commercial was being filmed. The commercial in question is for a Disney Channel airing of some sort. The director kept reminding the hosts that this is for Christmas morning so the actors could accurately capture the spirit of the event. 

Anyway, during one of the cut scenes, the actors on the stage said very clearly, “And stay tuned for a first new look at a galaxy far, far away!” 

MSW Source

So the question remains is this a look at Star Wars: Episode IX that connects to recent rumors or is it simply a look at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge? It could really be either at this point but I figured I would share it just in case. Both are of interest to us over here. 

Meanwhile at Pinewood Studios

There has also been some interesting set building going down at Pinewood Studios and we have a brief look at that today. We’ve reported about this set/location in the past but it still wasn’t entirely clear if we were looking at Star Wars: Episode IX or another fantasy film. In the last few weeks of work on the set we have see a lot of tech added to the walls that practically screams “Star Wars” so we’re pretty sure the set we’re hearing chatter about is directly in fact from the ninth Skywalker Saga film. 

The architecture is interesting and has a very familiar feeling but also has a little something new to it. It almost seems a little like Maz’s Castle meets Jules Verne or the future of the past. That said, we could still be missing the larger picture despite the images we’ve been able to show you so far. 

There are also rumors that there’s an 8-10 foot purple/green turtle with spikes on the monster’s shell. Supposedly the puppet is pretty impressive and like something out of The Neverending Story. I’ve told my sources pictures or it isn’t happening so as of this minute it isn’t happening unless we get to see it. That’s the way the world works, right? Hopefully we get more details about that creature which I assume belongs to the swampy planet. We know there was something like this on Reddit recently and we don’t know if it connects or not. It could just be a coincidence so take that as you will.  There’s something more to this that we don’t get yet. So don’t get excited or angry as us crazies on the internet tend to do. 

On the same note, there were set visits to Pinewood and some things leaked out because one person was surprised to learn they use “salt as fake snow.” That practice happened for The Empire Strikes Back as well as other films made at Pinewood recently like Everest and The Force Awakens. My guess at this point is we shouldn’t expect snow in Episode IX. Hopefully our Pinewood sources fill us in very soon. 

A Whole New World

Speaking of planets, I spoke to a few more sources about the worlds of Star Wars: Episode IX. One source we trust was pretty clear that to them they didn’t see one world as a desert planet as much as a rocky planet. If you recall we didn’t know if it was Tatooine or Jakku. Well, the original Jakku that was going to be filmed in Jordan for The Force Awakens did have a lot more rock formations than the Abu Dhabi based Jakku we got in that film. So right now, if we had to guess we think this world looks more like the concepts for Jakku from The Force Awakens. Jedha may be a better bet than Jakku now, but that’s still a wild bet. In other words, it seems to be more of a rock planet than a sand planet. And by rock we mean large pieces of minerals and dirt and not the band Dio or the droid with a similar name. 

Back to Black

The crew has moved back into Black Park for further filming. In the last year we’ve seen black park filming for the Falcon and we even saw an X-wing (which we thought was orange but it could be the helicopter’s camera sensing heat traces in the wood making it seem orange). Well, today we saw them putting in charred pre-fabricated trees that are meant to look scorched into the area. 

That’s all for MSW and Star Wars: Episode IX for today. There’s a lot of chatter going on and when there’s something with legs to report, you can count on us to deliver that as soon as there’s something to report. Check back soon for the next round of information. As always, everything in this report is rumor and not official and likely needs a lot of extrapolation to understand so be cool. 


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