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Star Wars: Episode IX’s Resistance Fight at Black Park!

More filming went down at Black Park this week for Star Wars: Episode IX. The area was apparently dressed to appear to be the swamp world we have heard is one of those three major environments from the last chapter of the sequel trilogy. MSW sources gave us a few interesting tidbits about the filming. 

The crew had large smoke/fog machines out to create a beautiful look over the lake itself. There were people in the lake shooting in the water. However, the fog made it difficult to discern exactly what was being filmed in the water for these shots. 

The majority of the filming was for a ground battle in the swamp between the First Order and Resistance fighters. A lot of the material filmed here were simple action shots going back and forth between both sides of the skirmish. 

It is believed that the first woman Stormtrooper in Star Wars was also there that day and was also involved in this shoot. One source says they’re fairly certain they were walking next to her as the shoot ended for the day. 

The Resistance fighters were all decked out in green army fatigues. One source noted it was very similar to the Endor Rebel Soldier kit. However, the main difference at a glance is that the helmet is different. The helmets were the shape of large shallow woks. One source said they were like Constable Zuvio’s helmet but camouflaged. 

At the end of the day, a lot of the troopers were laughing and joking about their inability to march and walk together in line during the shoot. It did not appear that any known main characters were involved in the fight sequence and it was Resistance forces against the First Order. 

We will continue to keep our eye on Black Park for anything going down related to Star Wars: Episode IX

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