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Blue Episode 184: By All Accounts

This week Will has to deal with Hawes’ overuse of a certain term.

  • EA does it again!
  • John Boyega teases Episode IX.
  • Thoughts on the latest episode of Star Wars Resistance.

Listener emails and voice mails are discussed.

  • King Tom calls in about the final battle in Episode IX.
  • Anthony aka Rural Farm Boy calls in about Hawes’ fears of being haunted.
  • Jim calls in with his usual variety of topics.
  • Shawn has a theory for us.
  • Amber wants to know what references we use in every day life.
  • H-Jakobi wonders if Luke ever explored the dark side cave on Ach-To.
  • Fraser writes in with his personal Star Wars misconception.
  • Jon has some answers to our questions from last episode.
  • Eric needs some advice with role playing games.
  • Laura wants to know what references or easter eggs we’d like to see in Episode IX.
  • Eric wants to know if we have experience with the Fantasy Flight Star Wars games.
  • Dougy needs help choosing streaming services.

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