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Rumor: There’s a Secret Mandalorian Enclave with an Armorer in Star Wars: The Mandalorian.

I was recently discussing the Mando’s costume and how it changes over the course of the series. A source asked me if I was aware that his suit uses Scarif Trooper parts, and I was. The source then asked if I was aware that as the story goes on he ends up with Death Troopers parts, which I was not aware. I asked if the pieces are black and they responded that the costume moves towards a chrome look like the helmet we’ve seen in the first photo released of him. I didn’t really get my question answered there but it does seem like the costume evolves from what we’ve seen so far into something more up-designed.

Supposedly there is a secret enclave of Mandalorians our hero is affiliated with. It is in this enclave that an armorer resides. It appears this woman is the key to his major upgrades. It almost sounds like she’s Q from James Bond for our hero, but I might be overstepping with that comparison. It isn’t clear how much of the costume is older Mandalorian armor and how much are parts he’s acquired in his adventures or misadventures especially as the story moves on. But I did see him fighting a lot of Death Troopers and I’m assuming that’s where he gets those pieces. That is kind of cool when you think about it as the Empire is dying post Return of the Jedi and the Rogue One Death Troopers are about to be a thing of the past that he carries into that new era. It also sounds like that enclave is going to be really inspiring for future Star Wars content.

I keep hearing that there is a lot of Mandalorian culture building through this enclave in the series. As his armor is upgraded through about five stages, we learn things about Mando culture. It isn’t clear if it goes beyond what we know from The Clone Wars and Rebels but I’m guessing some of that will be reiterated and developed in the series.

On a side note, it seems like all the classic aliens from the Original Trilogy era are back. We’ve seen Jawas and some Last Jedi era aliens but it goes further than that. Someone said if they had a vintage action figure, they’re probably going to turn up. So in addition to lots of classic aliens, there’s a woman who is a Mando armorer, they use Death Trooper parts to forge some pieces, and we’ll have lots of Mando culture building. I’m still hoping for some specifics on that culture stuff as it kind of seems like a no-brainer. That said, secret Mando enclaves with Mando armorers sounds pretty badass.

Star Wars: The Mandalorian will premiere this year on the Disney+ streaming service this year.

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