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Rumors about the Mando’s ship in Star Wars: The Mandalorian!

The Razorcrest?

The Clone Wars Speeder
Clone Wars Era Mando Speeder

Today I have an interesting detail or two about Star Wars: The Mandalorian. The details pertain to the ship the Mando pilots in the series. While the visual details we have heard are not really reportable as its hard to write about something without having seen it, and I hope to see it soon. But but until then here is what I have gleaned about the Mandalorian’s ship.

Sources keep saying the show is about 5 years after Return of the Jedi at this point. So we may be out a year or two further in the time line than we once thought. The reason this is notable is that the ship the Mandalorian flies is rumored to be a Clone Wars era craft. So in other words, the ship is pretty old at this point in the story and has seen some action.

We believe the ship is called The Razorcrest. However, there is always the off chance that is the title of the ship design itself. We have that name confirmed with two sources and one calls it a Razorcrest and the other The Razorcrest. So right now, it is hard to pin that down. The name is pretty badass, so I hope it is the name of the ship itself.

An interesting rumor about the ship is that it apparently has the ability to carbon freeze. I could be wrong, but I don’t think he’s freezing Jorgan Fruit Cakes for safe transport across the galaxy. Carbon freezing always makes me a bit queasy as I like it to be special for Han Solo in The Empire Strikes Back where they test it on Han so they can see it if it will work on Luke. The Clone Wars had the Jedi use the process to sneak behind enemy lines with the justification that said mission is how Anakin/Darth Vader even came up with the plan. Well, in this era, Han Solo is a war hero and a legend so I suppose word got around? Or did it always have the carbon freezing chamber? I don’t know. Don’t shoot the messenger.

I have to conclude that ship doesn’t look like anything we’ve seen before from Mandalore, at least in The Clone Wars if it can house that in the back. I look forward to getting more details on the ship and some more conclusive answers regarding if the ship is a Razorcrest or The Razorcrest.

Star Wars: The Mandalorian will premiere on the Disney+ streaming service this year. I have been hearing for sometime there will be 8 episodes in the vicinity of 40-45 minutes each. So that’s a lot of time to spend with the Mando and get to know all about his armor and his ship.


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