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Star Wars: Episode IX’s snow, salt, or ash photos from Black Park! Trailer might be near.

Snow, salt or ash?

Star Wars: Episode IX was back in Black Park in the recent weeks. Most of the activity seemed to be similar to the past stuff we saw. However, this time we actually got evidence of snow, salt or ash. We have seen a lot of blackened and burned trees moving to and from the location in the recent weeks. That said, that seems an excessive amount of ash to be around a standing body of trees. But this is Star Wars so we’re going to presume to know for sure.

Sources have told us recently that a trailer for Star Wars: Episode IX has been cut. We aren’t sure if it is the final cut of the trailer or not. It has been seen by so few people at this point, details are scant and what we have heard we do not have permission to share. One exists but we can’t say for certain when it will hit or if the one that exists will even be the one that is released. That said, it is sounding closer than further away and that’s exciting.

Sources sent us these photos which gives us a good look at the location and the salty snowy substance:

Obviously I’m going way out on a limb here but this almost seems like another Starkiller location. The are so similar in look from our narrow vantage point it makes me wonder. That seems too easy though. There was a set visitor recently that spoke about how they used salt as snow for films. At the time we didn’t know if it was a Pinewood fun fact about The Force Awakens. But now we’re seeing this stuff used now for Episode IX. 

It takes me back to writing about Crait in Star Wars: The Last Jedi which was described to us as looking like “Mars with snow on it.” That ended up being salt. My guess is that’s snow. There’s been a lot of night filming going on too. So we have another tree set, at night, with snow on the ground albeit with more greens.

Check back for more updates on Star Wars: Episode IX as we track the production’s progress and happenings. Star Wars: Episode IX releases on December 20th, 2019.

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