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A few Star Wars: The Mandalorian photos and Now, This is Podcasting! Episode 261! Episode IX Leaks!

8 Bit Looking Photos of the Mando in his black cape!

It was near what appears to be the end of filming when I went down to the location where they’re filming Star Wars: The Mandalorian. I didn’t actually intend to visit but with the wrap party on the horizon it was on my list of things to do. I was supposed to go to the airport to pick someone up and their flight was delayed so with a few hours to kill, I took the kids down to the location.

Later that evening I recorded this podcast:

I wasn’t prepared to get any photos or anything. But for a moment I got a glimpse of the Mando in one of the various armor combinations he’s supposed to have. What struck me about this day was the black cape he was wearing which was down to his ankles. Once again, my photos don’t do it justice. But you can see how long the cape is. My five year old son thought it was Captain Phasma with Kylo Ren’s cape on. The helmet is so chrome and shiny that you could see it glisten in the sun and spot the Mando in a crowd pretty easily.

I also included a photo of the final Tatooine set and some of the swamp set along with a photo of those wood structures they made. On the last day I was there, all the Tatooine stuff had been mostly cleaned up and they seemed to be shooting on just tiny piece of set. It had rained recently so what I thought was a ship under tarps at first actually ended up being Tatooine sets dismantled and stacked into a large neat pile. I’m guessing they’re gonna save those pieces for future productions. I’ve seen shipping manifestos which seem to corroborate that a lot of armor, set pieces, and unused materials from Rogue One: A Star Wars Story and Solo: A Star Wars Story were being reused (and a few rumors that some of the scrapped movies even had a few things sent over from Pinewood to Hollywood).

Generally when the Mando was on set, it was a guy with a rig on his back, I’m guessing so they could CGI on the armor and the baby onto his body for the action sequences. But on this day we actually saw the Mando in full costume. It was a pretty big deal for my kids and I’m glad we saw this “with my own eyes.” Also, the colors in the photos are a little tricky. That helmet is chrome and that cape was pretty black to the naked eye.

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