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A Very “Now, This is Podcasting!” Star Wars: Episode IX Rumor Party! Lots of crazy information!

Here's a breakdown of the craziest rumors, many unverified!

On the newest episode of Now, This is Podcasting! we recorded on Friday, Randy and I broke down a whole bunch of Star Wars: Episode IX rumors we heard but did not or could not verify. We figured it would be fun. The rumors made for a fun podcast. Obviously there could be spoilers in this episode so if that isn’t your thing, stay away. If it is, have fun with the rumor and don’t take them too seriously but also understand we would even consider them if they weren’t digging into more.

Here are the notes from the show:

  • Jordan stood in for two planets in Star Wars: Episode IX.
  • The festival party is not the classic planet but a new one.
  • There’s Knights of Ren content filmed on that planet.
  • There is footage of Kylo walking away from TIE Fighter crash there.
  • The Lars Homestead may have been filmed at Pinewood for interiors and exteriors in Jordan.
  • Luke Skywalker’s X-wing Fighter was there and Rey has Luke’s X-wing helmet.
  • The MacGuffin supposedly starts out as one thing and that leads them to something else and unfortunately no one would ever tell us what it leads to as this is the films big secret.
  • Kylo’s ship is white with red and black details and lots of very cool mechanical looking parts dotted around it.  Vader’s helmet is stored there.
  • The castle set we had been seeing is actually a miner’s town.
  • There is a droid factory (small room) there which is an Easter egg heaven – droids on the table reference John William’s scores, there is a Bad Robot, and some original prequel era Battle Droids.
  • Kylo Ren fights resistance troopers in the swamp and supposedly uses some brutal moves on them.
  • The Black Park Falcon set features some fire on the Falcon.
  • The Orange X-wing we saw back day does not appear to be Poe’s.
  • Keri Russel
  • Keri Russell’s outfit is rose gold, extremely fancy like a Stormtrooper but with the armor split into triangles on a purple suit. Her helmet has the shape of an Olympic cycling helmet. She was seen on the snow planet.
  • There might be a zero gravity battle at the end of the film and they built a massive wing or roof for it.

Some pictures that show an X-wing and an A-wing hit the internet today which seem to line up with the Luke X-wing information to some degree:

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