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Blue Harvest Episode 186: Dragons!

This week Will and Hawes scrape something together to talk about.

  • Jon Favreau releases another picture from The Mandalorian!
  • A handful of Galaxy’s Edge tie-in literature is announced.
  • Discussion about Star Wars Resistance episode “Dangerous Business”

Listener emails and voice mails are discussed.

  • King Tom calls in about the Star Wars Myths and Fables book.
  • Sal Perales calls in with thoughts about Luke in Return of the Jedi.
  • Jim calls in with a special recipe.
  • Eric calls in for the first time with some thoughts on Kylo.
  • Jonny also has some thoughts about Kylo in Episode IX.
  • Utah Dougy proposes a good time.
  • H-Jakobi writes in about how he found the show and has a question about Rey.
  • Eddie has a theory about how the name “Kylo” was created.
  • Javier wonders how Episode IX will open.
  • Justin writes in with his own personal Star Wars misconception.

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