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Lots of Star Wars: Episode IX reference photos leak!


Be cool and don’t post these images to social media and spoil anyone that isn’t down for it!

A lot of Star Wars: Episode IX Reference photos leaked. The leaks confirm a lot of the stories we’ve run on the final chapter of the Skywalker Saga. The images showed up on Star Wars Leaks today thanks to Jedi Praxis.

The good thing is it confirms a lot of things we had been hearing about D.O. (image B), Rey (image H), and Kylo’s mask being mended together with some kind of red bonding substance (image J). Also, image P appears to match the colors of the stands we saw from the Wadi Rum Jordan shoot.

How cool is that Lando actually wears that yellow shirt? I’m elated to see that. It also confirms that Dominic Monaghan (Charlie Pace from Lost) is in the film. Also image Q reminds me of that little dude from Labyrinth all Star Wars’d up.

D.O. is in fact a megaphone on wheels. I’d like a better look still. Image D also seems to line up well with our Black Park report about the rebel’s helmets. 

Check back for more Star Wars: Episode IX news! Also check out our reports from this week about the MacGuffin and general costume stuff that isn’t shown in the image above. I love what I’m seeing. It seems like a pretty good mixture of all flavors of Star Wars in those images. It seemed like The Force Awakens tried to stay away from being too eccentric beyond BB-8 and this clearly has a lot of classic Star Wars flavors at play.

The good news about this leak is it means a lot of what we’ve heard about the film, reported and not, is likely to be in the realm of the level of accuracy we attempt to deliver at Making Star Wars. You never know where wires get crossed and so on but it looks good, it has sounded good and I’m already excited for December!

Thanks to Jedi Praxis for hooking the Star Wars community up!

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