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Star Wars: Episode IX wraps and we have some clarification on various rumors!

Wrapping, Trailers, Knights of Ren, MacGuffins, and who Matt Smith is not.

Here’s a couple of things sources have clarified for us recently. This isn’t meant to debunk anything or anyone, I’m only sharing what I was told to help us better take a look at what should be in store for us with Star Wars: Episode IX. For people who follow all the rumors leaking everywhere this might help check somethings off the list of possibly accurate and potentially prop up others.

Our sources confirmed to us that the wrap party for Star Wars: Episode IX is tomorrow. Of course, we saw Abrams let us know the film has wrapped today:

Rey’s hair is in the style above because it has to mach older footage of Rey that was shot with Carrie for The Force Awakens. The details of the sequence are not being talked about at this time, however.

Sources believe the first trailer will be different than the one shown to the crew around Christmas of 2018. That trailer showed a bit more than you would think they want to share at this moment but didn’t delve into the plot at all. Everyone says it was so good and it was apparently scored using only Star Wars: Episode IX footage. So we might have a shot at seeing it at some point.

In terms of that new Trooper from IX, there are over 50 of them. However, they are not being called Sith Troopers by anyone from Pinewood. That language apparently was picked up or appropriated by others as a synonym for “bad guys.” Those troopers do only answer to Kylo and the Knights of Ren though.

The MacGuffin is controversial as an idea. However, sources say that’s not the case in execution. They have also said that the MacGuffin actually evolves as the story progresses. So we apparently won’t begin the film with everyone searching for something right off the bat. In theory that is an interesting way to start a Star Wars film with what we know about the movie so far.

Sources have been pretty tight lipped about Matt Smith but I have also heard that the rumors he’s a Knight of Ren are incorrect. Sources also do not believe they are female or all of them are female. However, that rumor, if rooted in truth may have sprang forth because some stunt performers for the Knights of Ren were women. They also say that the threat in the film is not The Knights of Ren. So the idea they come from The Beyond and are the threat was not a good guess. There is still a threat from The Beyond, however. We can check them off the list.

Check back soon for more coverage of Star Wars: Episode IX.


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