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Those Star Wars director shake-ups appear to hold no weight.

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First Order Shake Weight

There’s a rumor going around that there’s been a director shake-up for the next round of Star Wars films. I saw the rumor going around the internet today, Reddit, and all over direct messages. Usually, I don’t bother covering things that require debunking. But at the moment, the amount of people asking me about it makes it easier to just cover it here once.

I spoke to several of my sources and it would be news to them if anything had changed at all. Some laughed. All said nothing has changed and all announced films are going forward as planned. I’m guessing we’ll get some updates at Star Wars Celebration in April about the timeline, or at least some hints.

I feel pretty comfortable saying firmly that at this moment absolutely nothing has changed and from the sound of things, it is unlikely to change. Essentially, any thesis based on the a shake-up due to something from last year, a previous Star Wars film, or due to the discourse about the films on various platforms would have already happened by now. Also, check out the Disney earnings call to get what their official stance in on things and they seem pleased. As we know, the powers that be have not been shy with protecting Star Wars if something wasn’t what they were comfortable with, but this is not that instance.

It sounds like David Benioff and D.B. Weiss’s Star Wars series is likely to begin first, followed by a Rian Johnson trilogy of films. With that in mind, we have some time for this rumor to be brought back to life a bunch of times like that crazy dude from Game of Thrones. This will be the last time I cover it unless there is actually a shake-up.

Once again, my sources of various levels in the corporation have all denied the rumor du jour. On my end there has been absolutely no conflicting information or anyone saying otherwise. So take that for what it is worth to you based on my time reporting on Star Wars. 

That said, the live action Star Wars Detours appears to be dead. It was never announced. It was never rumored. But it still isn’t happening. That other stuff is though.

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