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A few cool Star Wars: Episode IX details from the Disney Shareholders meeting! Minor spoilers!

Wow, I wrote this article as it happened. Now, here we are and I’m doing a podcast and this shit didn’t come out. Thanks, McDonald’s WiFi. Listen to NTIP Episode 265 and hear the failure unfold!

Scott Ladewig attended a Disney Shareholders event and glimpsed some Star Wars: Episode IX footage, amongst other things. Scott is a hero and a gentlemen for bringing this information to Twitter and sharing what he saw. I curated a few tweets with pertinent information for us Star Wars: Episode IX junkies.


The footage from Avengers, Episode IX, Lion King, and Aladdin all looked great. Hopefully the people up in arms about the genie will settle down once they see what we saw.

This is the money tweet:

We saw a blockade runner in an abandoned looking hangar. An explosion knocking Stormtroopers in a starship hangar bay. Kylo Ren in a white room looking at the Vader helmet. Rey, Finn, Poe in Falcon cockpit.

He also saw:

Lando briefly. Rey with Chewie’s bowcastet. Finn in some abandoned looking ship interior.

It appears he saw the “fish market” set we were reporting on at Pinewood for a while and confirms that Rey has scenes there:

So @dizparks just reminded me that we saw a marketplace (?) scene with Rey walking through and some aliens.

After saying the Kylo moments had no mask, and mentioned there was a clip of:

A really cool clip of Daisy doing wire work, jumping and turning a somersault high up in the air with a lightsaber.

Scott also mentions that it looked like Kylo was looking at the helmet in a bright white room. We heard the helmet was in the movie recently and on Kylo’s new ship which that they filmed content for at the Cardington Sheds, I believe. You can hear that in a recent podcast we did:

Once again, thanks to Scott on Twitter for sharing what he saw! It is cool to have a few tiny things we’ve heard get some sort of confirmation. Check out Scott’s tweets for everything he said about Star Wars and other Disney properties he glimpsed today. I’m glad something finally came out from these shareholders meetings. The last one had everyone insane and nothing came from it. But this good means we’ll likely have everyone freaking out about the next few for sure now. But this time it was actually fruitful and Scott brought the goods.

Also Steele interviewed Scott:

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