FilmJackets Star Wars Resistance Jacket Review!

I got a Resistance jacket!

FJ hooked me up with Resistance Jacket like the one that Finn, Poe, and Rey wear in The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi. You can get the jacket on their website or on if you want to be Resistance buddies. This is really awesome timing as Star Wars Celebration Chicago is just around the corner and I can wear the Han Solo Bespin jacket and now my Resistance jacket to the event which should be jacket weather by all accounts.

The wrist ties are cool.

Just like the Han Solo jacket, I have nothing but good things to say about the jacket. It even has a couple of pockets on the inside that work really well for phones and wallets. I always hate when I get a new jacket and the pockets are all style and no substance. My phone and wallet feel good inside and the pockets are accessible. The jacket is identical to the film jacket to my eye and I cannot see any huge deviations from the film’s prop. My lighting conditions for my photo make the jacket look a little lighter than the film’s version but in reality, I think its a lot closer in color. The leather is a little less tarnished than the film versions which is fine for real life wear, in my opinion. But like I said the jacket is good on the utility level while looking like the film’s prop.

The Resistance jacket isn’t too heavy but it has straps that buckle at the wrists so you can limit the airflow at the sleeves. I like that a lot as I said in my Bespin review, I’m in California so its not really that cold. But I know Chicago is going to be “California Cold” aka Hoth for me. As I mentioned in my last review, I lost a lot of weight in the last year and space is cold now, Annie. Well, Southern California is anyways.

The Bespin jacket was an XL but I’ve lost a little more weight since the last review and I took a risk and got the Resistance jacket in a large. For me it is a snug fit but it still feels nice thankfully. After the last review people kept asking how tall I was for sizing reasons for themselves and I’m six foot.  I also like that the wrist ties, when tightened make the sleeves feel like a really good length so that’s good news for cold weather wear.

I really love the jacket. I’m jazzed about it. I’m excited to wear it to Star Wars Celebration next month. As I’ve mentioned on the podcast before too, if we can wear these kinds of things to Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, it will be pretty cool for to wear there when hanging out and taking photos.

From FJ:

Become the famous Resistant Fighter in The Finn Jacket, made from 100% genuine real leather. Inside, there is viscose that has been stitched to absorb moisture. Outside, there are three pockets with belted cuffs. Get this latest outfit today as seen in Star Wars – The Last Jedi.


  • 100% High Quality Real Leather
  • Screen Accurate Design
  • Internal: Viscose Lining
  • Sleeves: Belted Cuffs
  • Front: Erect Collar with Open Closure
  • Pockets: Three Outside and Two Inside Pockets
  • Color: Antique Beige

If you have some Amazon gift card cash burning a hole in your e-wallet you can also pick the Resistance Jacket up on

Who wore it better?

Pretty sure it was me. Thanks to the shades. Star Wars needs shades. Rey Bans.

I saw on the Film Jackets site that if you enter in your email you can get $10 off and free shipping for joining their mailing list where you can pick a jacket up or you can grab one on which supports the site too! Hopefully little kids with secret decoder rings and brooms start approaching me while I’m out doing things or visiting Vegas next month. I dig the jacket, I’m really happy with it and the quality you’d expect is there.

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