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New photo of IG-88 or IG-11 being voiced by Taika Waititi from Star Wars: The Mandalorian!

With the news that Sunday at Celebration Chicago will be The Mandalorian day hitting, a cool new picture was posted by the internet’s number one source for The Mandalorian news, Jon Favreau. Favreau was cool enough to give us a good look at the droid for Christmas 2018 of this year as well.

In the photo it appears as if season finale director Taika Waititi is doing the voice work for the droid. Is he speaking or making click clicks and claks for the voice? With Waititi involved, I think it is safe to assume the droid is going to have a lot of humorous personality while also being menacing (considering what kind of droid he’s playing).

When we first heard about the IG droid in the series, we reported it as being IG-88. However, some people in various fields that knew about the character said they were told it was IG-11. There are obvious physical differences between the one we’re seeing in The Mandalorian and the one we saw in The Empire Strikes Back. But it wasn’t clear if that was simply because the one in Empire was just a background “prop” and this one would require a lot more design effort since it would have a larger role. We’ve heard the droid rides a speeder bike and has all kinds of action.

Also it turns out The Mando made the Celebration badge for Sunday:

I’m really jazzed for The Mando, honestly. I love the concept and what we think we know about the story and his ship which we think might be called The Razorcrest and secret Mando enclaves. It all sounds so fun. We’re still hoping we get more confirmation on who we think Nick Nolte is playing as well.

The Mando will premiere on Disney+ later this year.

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