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Nine Things I Hope to see in the Star Wars: Episode IX Trailer!

A guest post by Charlie Bryant.

We are almost certainly, without a doubt getting an Episode IX trailer at Star Wars Celebration Chicago, and even more likely, we’ll get a title. While I have no idea what the title could be, there are a few things that I can almost guarantee you that we will see in the trailer. Some are significant, others aren’t, but nevertheless, they are things that you could and should expect to see in the likely over two-minute montage.

Potential spoilers ahead, so read at your own risk. 

  1. Jedi Master Luke Skywalker, as a Force Ghost

Look, I’m not saying that JJ and Kathleen Kennedy are trying to make us cry, but I think that they want to pull at our heartstrings. If the trailer started out with a blue-hued Luke, imparting wisdom on either of his former padawans (Kylo/Ben and/or Rey), I would not be shocked. This story is as much Kylo/Ben’s as it is Rey’s, and I think that you’ll get evidence of this in the trailer.

  1. A mention of balance

We’ve heard about Kylo and Rey being each other’s opposite, the yin to their yang, and we even witnessed what it could be in The Last Jedi, and I think that Episode IX will show us just exactly what that balance means. While I do not expect for the trailer to give that away, there will certainly be a mention of it, I believe. Star Wars is poetic, and just as in Episode I, Anakin was promised to bring balance, the bow on the present that is the Skywalker Saga will almost certainly have to deliver on the promise of balance, By the way, killing half of that potential for balance will not get you the result of balance that you want, but I digress… #savebensolo

  1. Two unstable kyber crystals

Let me push my glasses up on my nose here. *Adjusts frames* Alright, I’m ready: In the throne room scene in The Last Jedi, when Kylo and Rey end up breaking the Legacy Saber, it leaves the kyber inside split into two, and irreparably damaged. On this website’s flagship podcast, Now This is Podcasting, Jason Ward has made a few references that the Legacy Saber’s hilt has been pieced back together, but that the kyber inside – the damaged crystal – is unstable, meaning that Rey’s blade will slightly resemble that of the broken hearted Kylo Ren. His kyber crystal is damaged… just like his soul.

  1. Poe Dameron yelling

This was a given.

  1. The Knights of Ren

I’ve been waiting on the brothers of Rho Epsilon Nu to show up for four years now, and from what leaks I’ve read and heard, their appearance seems to be a given, especially now that this very website released an image of the promo poster, with this fraternal order next to their raven-haired, eight-packed leader. I want to hear from Skywalker’s other fallen pledges- I mean, padawans. While we might not hear the voices of this motley crew, I do expect to see them in all of their masked glory. This has been one heck of a pledging process for them, hasn’t it? Grab your paddles, boys!

  1. Kylo Ren battling with Ben Solo

No, I don’t mean that suddenly these are two separate people and that they’re going to fight. What I do mean is that I don’t think that the internal conflict between good and evil was finished at the end of The Last Jedi, but rather, I think it was another roadblock. There are two things that Kylo/Ben wants: galactic domination and Rey’s trust. Deciding whose wants are more important – Kylo’s or Ben’s – is going to be a major struggle for Unca Wanwo’s nephew in IX. His grandfather, Darth Vader, suffered with a very similar question, and ultimately chose the wrong path. Here’s to hoping that Ben Solo finds some sort of peace.

  1. Lando

Because we’re going to need to smile at some point. Billy Dee! Billy Dee! Billy Dee! But really, just once in this entire movie, can we hear Lando make some reference to being called “Unca Wanwo” by baby Ben?

  1. Rey searching for belonging, still

I feel for Rey: she’s always been looking for somewhere or someone to belong to, and as soon as she thinks she’s found it, it always gets taken away from her. I think the movie will tell us the future of Ben Solo’s that she saw when they had the Star Wars version of se- I mean, when she and Darth Daddy touched hands in the hut. Maybe she has seen more of it since she closed the door on him. If you thought she obliterated their bond in that moment… boy, are you going to be disappointed.

  1. A hint of an epic space battle

We have not had a hugely-epic space battle in this trilogy so far, and while I’ve been okay with that, it is now time for LFL to deliver. This is supposed to be the Resistance/Rebellion’s last shot at snuffing out the First Order, right? It’s going to have to be a doozy in order to wipe out Hux, the FO, and all of Kylo’s hair products.

What are you expecting to see come mid-April? Hints of what the great threat is? More reasons for the Reylos to fight on Tumblr, perhaps? More importantly, what are you hoping to see in this trailer?



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