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Star Wars: Episode IX retail poster and character sheets leak revealing names, ships, and more!

Star Wars: Episode IX content has leaked onto the internet this morning via The Geekiverse. We have a sheet of characters and what appears to be a poster like the ones you might buy at retail. This content is actually pretty cool to see because it confirms a lot of information I’ve come across in the last year. If you look closely you can see the Y-wings and even the orange X-wing we grabbed a pic of earlier in the year from Black Park.  We’ve been reporting The Knights of Ren would be in Star Wars: Episode IX for a long time with the footnote that they all have special abilities. And finally the Red Stormtroopers that report to the Knights of Ren and Kylo are also shown.

However, it should be noted that there are a few “weird” things with the poster. The alien next to Finn for instance is the digital mock up and not the suit filmed on set. The red stormtroopers do not appear to be the final versions as far as we know and the same goes for The Knights of Ren. There’s always a chance these were to be fixed before the items hit retail. We can’t say either way 100% but I think we might need to save a little space in our heads for that possibility.

The images give us a good look at Zorri. Based on what my sources have described to me about Keri Russell’s character. I can’t see how it isn’t the same character. You can hear a large break down of that information on NTIP.

“I would describe Keri Russell’s outfit and as a rose gold extremely fancy stormtrooper but with the armor is split into triangles on a purple suit. Her helmet has the shape of an Olympic cycling helmet.”

We also get a look at Jannah who we saw a little of last summer. But this confirms what we heard about Jannah using a bow. Even Threepio with Chewbacca’s bandolier and bowcaster has been confirmed now. It is nice to see Rey’s costume in better detail than we did before. Rey’s saber looks “stable” to me in what we can see here but it could still go the other way.

I can now check a lot of things into the “real” list of information. Hopefully we can get some confirmation on final designs being featured on the for retail poster or not soon. More to come soon!




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