What’s the status on a Star Wars: Battlefront 3?

It doesn't sound like there's a strong chance for Episode IX content in Battlefront II.

New Costumes in Battlefront

In the last few days I have heard a few interesting things about the future of Star Wars: Battlefront. I was initially curious if we would see anything from Star Wars: Episode IX coming to the Star Wars: Battlefront II. According to our sources as of right now, we should not expect anything significant from the final sequel trilogy film in the game. It doesn’t mean there might not be a new skin or character down the road, but as of right now it doesn’t look like anything significant is on the way from the final Skywalker Saga film. While no one would rule out a new Rey or Kylo skin, it doesn’t sound like they have access to Star Wars: Episode IX content as of now.

With the news that Lucasfilm Games will most likely be handling how games are treated and licensed out in the future, EA and Battlefront have gone through another round of being a punching bag because of their missteps regarding the launch of Battlefront II. All of this conveniently lined up for me to ask about the future of the series if any.

There is still a possible Star Wars: Battlefront III in the future. The possibility is there but as of now Star Wars: Battlefront III is in a whiteboard phase and there isn’t anything wildly significant going down at the moment. The team that is working on the current game is pretty small. However, the fact that it even has a team says something positive for Battlefront fans as if the endeavor wasn’t making any money at all, there simply wouldn’t be a team at all.

I honestly feared that they Battlefront was going to be seen as a tarnished brand or topic and I had little hope for a new one at all. But it is still on the table. By the time it hits, if it hits, it will have three trilogies of Skywalker Saga films to pull from and another trilogy or two from other places in the Star Wars Saga to pull from as well, which is pretty exciting.

There were a few things for Battlefront in the current generation that did not make it into the game. The ability for us players to get into an X-wing, land it, and jump out, fight, and get back in it wasn’t achieved. So we would be able to board capital starships, sabotage them, and fly out before the explosion and stuff like that. That is apparently a development desire for Star Wars Battlefront III, if it should happen.

Hopefully Star Wars: Battlefront III happens. I’m really looking forward to the new “Titan” mode coming to Battlefront II. To reiterate, as of now it doesn’t look like there’s a huge Star Wars: Episode IX connection to Battlefront II and Battlefront III is in very early stages and may not even happen. But it is possible and not off the table which means there’s a chance.

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