A fun story from Skywalker Sound!

You'd think this was a Galaxy's Edge story.

I had a pretty cool correspondence with a friend of the podcast about what I believe to be a Jakks Pacific Kylo Ren doll that ended up at Skywalker Sound and the hijinks that ensued. Kylo Ren’s humiliation is on the level of being called “General Hugs” here. Apparently according to the legend, even director Rian Johnson gets involved with a pen mightier than the sword.

Bill writes:

Hi Jason,
I want to share a fun story with you that I thought you might like.

My mother found two 3 foot tall Darth Vader posable figures at a garage sale and bought them for me. I kept one but I didn’t need a second one so I gave it to my friend who works at Skywalker Sound. That person decided to take it to work and put it on a table in the lobby of Skywalker Sound.

Another person there had a 1 foot tall Kylo Ren figure and placed it next to the taller Darth Vader figure and had it hold his hand. Then they added a Mickey Mouse hat that fit Kylo Ren and had him holding a Mickey Mouse balloon and posed them as if Darth Vader were taking Kylo Ren around Disneyland as a kid.

Everybody there I thought it was funny. And during the post production on Star Wars: The Last Jedi, director Rian Johnson walked by, spotted it, laughed at it and thought it was great. So he offered to sign the Darth Vader and the Kylo Ren figure. As much as I ask they will not give the Darth Vader figure back! Oh well. But it’s cool knowing a Darth figure I owned for a short while is now at Skywalker Sound with Rian Johnson‘s signature on it.

I just thought you might find it cute.

Keep up the great work on the podcast, it’s still awesome.


The photos:

Maybe if Kylo’s parents took him to Disneyland instead of trying to save the galaxy, he’d be less of a jerk. That hat and balloon!

Thanks, Bill!

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