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A potential explanation to Rambo-Threepio in Star Wars Episode IX?

They drew first blood, not Threepio.

Potential Spoilers Ahead. Please do not share openly on social media and ruin anyone’s time.

I was recently in a place where I hear a lot of rumors about Star Wars: Episode IX. Some of those rumors have been proven correct by recent leaks. Everything from See-Threepio having Chewbacca’s weapons to certain things I saw at Pinewood and couldn’t share have proven to me that what I was hearing wasn’t garbage. But it is also a very incomplete picture of things and there’s so much connective tissue missing it can be almost impossible to get a lot of this correct. There were things these sources wouldn’t say and there are things I could be interpreting incorrectly that they said. Usually I would write a piece like this up and ask for clarification. In this instance, I can’t. But most of this stuff is just loose threads anyhow.

But I know spoiler junkies will want to read this stuff for the fun of it. So what follow are my semi-verified notes.

  • There’s planet where it snows with a droid factory and the main cast visits a droid factory.
  • On snowfall planet, See-Threepio reluctantly has his memory uploaded to Artoo-Detoo which leads to some funny issues for Artoo.
  • This appears to explain the “Rambo” See-Threepio I wrote about a while ago which was later confirmed by The Geekiverse poster leak.
  • On the snow planet, the new droid D.O. is introduced around the factory sequence and his help is required. He might be related to Keri Russell’s character.

  • In the droid factory on the snow planet there is a “Bad Robot,” Battle Droids,” and droids that relate to or resemble John Williams scores somehow. Basically there’s a lot of Easter Eggs.
  • The heroes are helped off the snowing planet by a character in purple and gold which makes me think it is Keri Russell’s character, as she was described to me as “rose-gold extremely elegant armor but with a purple under suit and a helmet that has the shape of an Olympic cycling helmet.” This costume lines up with the recent poster leak pretty well and another leak which has her listed as “Zorii.”

So if Threepio is backed up to some kind of storage device on Artoo, what are they doing with Threepio? Are the loading another program into his body that explains why he has weapons? Is the rebellion weaponizing standard droids to fight back against The First Order? I was told the MacGuffin isn’t apparent at the start of the film and this is part of how it evolves as the story progresses. Many sources have said that Threepio is pretty important to kicking things off.

The way these sources breakdown the Zorii costume makes me think most of the information in my notes is in the vicinity of correct as it would be pretty impossible to guess that costume.  It is vague you can kind of see how events move although there’s more questions than answers.

I still have a lot of notes to go through and if the interest is there, I’ll share more very soon.

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