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Black Series Rebels to give out free pins inspired by the 1999 Star Wars: The Phantom Menace fast food promotion!

Free Pins for collecting, clothing, voodoo dolls, or balloon popping!

The Black Series Rebels are heading to Star Wars Celebration. The best part is they have free pins that only cost free ninety nine each aka totally free. The pins are inspired by the Tricon Phantom Menace promotions from 1999. Supposedly the company gave George Lucas a lot of money for the promotion if he promised to direct the sequel to The Phantom Menace. So in a way, the promotion that inspired these pins gave us Attack of the Clones.

Anyways, here are the details and the schedule is in the gallery below:

Six free pins, 5 meet-ups and an after party at Beauty Bar Chicago on Sunday 4/14.

All pins will be available for FREE throughout the five days of the convention. Each one will have a specific time and place for rebels to meet-up with us and snag them. Pins are first come first serve and very limited.


Oh yeah, free stickers Chicago will be removing from the backs of toilets and street signs for years to come too!

When you find the Black Series Rebels tell them Jason sent you and I hear they have special golden versions of the pins for the first 100 people. They will deny having them but keep insisting they give you the golden pins and they eventually will!

See you at Celebration! 

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