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Is Finn going to be Rose’s love interest in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker?

Some tidbits on Rose, Finn, love, and Jordan!

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At Star Wars Celebration Chicago, the question about Finn and Rose’s romantic future turned into a joke about Jon Boyega being an eligible bachelor. I almost felt like they intended to tell us but then never did. There was a lot of that in the Rise of Skywalker panel in Chicago. It was just kind of the way it went, I guess.

Sources have told me that in The Rise of Skywalker, Rose is in fact Finn’s love interest. It isn’t clear if they’re an item or working on making it work against the backdrop of intergalactic warfare. But I was told Finn has “something to fight for.” So I suppose that sort of rounds out the end of the Last Jedi where Finn finally stops running and gives his character purpose now that running is off the table as it was in Star Wars: The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi.

Sources has also said that Kelly Marie Tran participated in the Vanity Fair shoot in Jordan as well. This has complicated the understanding if Tran acted in Jordan or just participated in the photoshoot as a cast member. The earliest word on Rose in The Rise of Skywalker was she was involved with the command a bit more and General Leia and Lieutenant Connix.

J.J. Abrams did say during the panel at Celebration Chicago we would see why Rose isn’t with the group all of the time. I personally hope Rose and Finn do end up together by the end of the film. Rose becomes the person she thought Finn was at the start of The Last Jedi and Finn became the person she thought he as thanks to her ethics and beliefs. Rose taught Finn how to see the galaxy for what it was beyond the flashy surface level shine and they compliment one another rather well in those regards.

So according to our sources, Rose and Finn are into one another. Could new characters test that relationship? We don’t know but there hasn’t been any indications that’s the case as of now. More to come!

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