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Rumors and Spoilers: Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker’s Flash Fights!

Rumors and Spoilers about The Rise of Skywalker!

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The Force Says:

New Force Powers Make Things Trippy!

At the moment, I do not want to get too deep into specifics as there’s something missing from the big picture here that I want filled in before I make too many broad claims. That said, for the last several months during the filming of The Rise of Skywalker I was hearing a lot of interesting things about what happens when Rey and Kylo Ren meet again.

During the Episode IX panel at Celebration they teased around some new powers. I believe the power they were dancing around is probably what has been described to me as “Force Flash Fights.” I’m sure it will be given a name more articulate than that but for now, that’s what you get. Basically the environment changes behind the leads as they battle it out with their lightsabers.

Here is the part I’ve dreaded attempting to convey. But essentially when Rey and Kylo Ren first meet again in The Rise of Skywalker. When they encounter one another again in the film, they’ve both become considerably more powerful. Perhaps when angry or determined they can do what Snoke did for them, link to one another but because of the context the outcome is different. Instead of intimate moments the backgrounds appears to change between places we have seen in Star Wars before. From what I understand, they end up back where where they started and Kylo does something after the encounter which I’ll talk about soon, I hope.

Force Flash Fights!

Rey and Kylo clash and as they battle the backgrounds change into places throughout Star Wars’ vast locations from the nine part Skywalker saga. To protect sources, I cannot touch on what backgrounds popup and even if I did there’s no indications as to which are in the movie for sure. This could explain certain places like The Lars Homestead and Ahch-To, but it also might not, so it makes things even more confusing in some ways. I also don’t know if every strike and clash is a new environment or if they fight in these places for a time before moving on to the next one. We still have a lot of questions about how this will be conveyed on screen.

Supposedly some of the same tech used to make The Mandalorian also played a role in the process of making these scenes or they experimented with it which is now being used in really interesting ways to simulate newsrooms and so on.  We have also seen such things used in recent Hollywood films.

Here is where things get confusing and dicey for me. One source that told me about what they filmed in Jordan mentioned Kylo and his TIE Fighter and Rey in a “Wild West stand off.” We pretty much saw that in the trailer. That person also said that Rey damages the TIE and we see Kylo walking away from the TIE in flames (which was also mentioned by a BTS reel viewer). This source said things get trippy when they first clash.

Most sources have said Rey and Kylo and fight one another during these moments.

Alternate Flash Fights or a Second Foe

Now, I have another set of sources that have told me about the “Flash Fights.” But they said that Rey and Kylo team up against that “outside threat” I talked about several months back. The person is in a black robe and cloak.” I assumed it was Snoke, Plagueis, and even Palpatine. Back then I was investigating Matt Smith. But no one would touch Palpatine back then which was telling. These sources told me about the Death Star graveyard being back as well.

My takeaway at this time is that Rey and Kylo do fight and it causes them to flash around the galaxy when it happens. My speculation at the moment is that since all of these sources gave me verified information for The Rise of Skywalker, perhaps Rey and Kylo first meet and they “Flash Fight” for the first time. Maybe later they use this power against a resurrected Palpatine?

Is Matt Smith in this movie or not? Is he the resurrected Palpatine?

The Visual Style

Honestly, when you get down to it this idea relies heavily on the execution. The sources I have believe in the execution of it and they obviously worked on the film. I can see it being really cool and I can see it being really bad depending on which way you imagine. I think it is always better to imagine in favor of the filmmakers and to remember that they’re the professionals that make everything cool that we think is cool.

There are lot of clues in the trailer as to how and when things happen. A lot of that is super useful but I just got back to California after driving from Chicago. We think we have a pretty solid order of things from the trailer that might end up revealing if the location flashes occur more than one time in the film. But it does kind of make sense that maybe it happens the first time and then they use that later to take on Palpatine himself. More on him later as well.

These kinds of trippy things happened in the Leigh Brackett draft of The Empire Strikes Back where Luke and Vader fought amongst the stars. Star Wars Rebels dabbled in the implications of the visuals Leigh Brackett laid down and it feels like perhaps J.J. Abrams and Chris Terrio decided to make things trippy in their own way and take the “Force Back” style into the fight. We still have a lot to learn about what this is going to look like  and for now I’m only reporting on what seems to be solid or commonly mentioned by several sources.

Check back soon for more on Star Wars: Episode IX!

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