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Spoilers: Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker and the monkey business to reforge Kylo Ren’s mask.

You're gonna get hairy palms!

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For a while on Now, This is Podcasting! we have discussed this ape like creature that would feature in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. If you watched the trailer carefully, you can see that the mask of Kylo Ren has a character with hairy hands in the shot. That shot confirmed a lot of things about the sequence. Often when you hear things about a sequence and a monkey’s involved you wait for a little confirmation before diving not the scene publicly. When I imagine fakers trying to fool me like Bart Simpson prank calling Moe’s Tavern, this is kind of the stuff that comes to mind.

The hands and the mask:

Kylo's Mask in the "Forge."
“Take your stinking paws off me, you damn dirty ape!” – The Mask

Kylo’s Creepy Castle

The sequence takes place at a creepy castle type of set. I’ve heard “Creepy Castle” and “Sith Temple” but I’m not as always it can be hard to discern if “Sith” is being used synonymously with “evil” when it pertains to Star Wars. I’m leaning towards it being a creepy castle because the only time I heard anything about a Sith and a monkey it was when they filmed one for Palpatine in The Empire Strikes Back’s first iteration of his first appearance.

Kylo Ren and his Knights of Ren are at the dark location together. The castle or creepy domain is owned by this “ape man” who agrees to help Kylo Ren fix his mask and and to activate a device that will take him and his knights towards their goals. First they must “reforge” the mask and then they’ll be ready to continue on their quest.

There was ash involved outside which means it could be Mustafar. However, sources are mixed on this and when Rey and Kylo “flash fight” later on there’s ash there too which confuses if these are connected or not.

The Knights of Ren Are Nervous Like Expectant Fathers

People I trust on the crew at Pinewood saw a trailer Abrams cut that was pretty long and showed off their work. People who worked on the film said The Knights of Ren actually stalk around the work being done excited and eager for the work to be done. They sound like a rowdy and evil bunch of degenerates. I think there is more to the mask than we know because the knights see this act as extremely important. I mean, they all have makes and its not cool if Kylo doesn’t too, right? He’s totally ruing the look of the gang.

A Sith-wannabe, Six Knights, and a Monkey Walk into a Creepy Castle…

The confusing part is people have seen shots of Kylo fixing the mask himself, The Knights of Ren aiding in the repair, and the ape with the hands we saw in the trailer. A part of me wonders if the ape fixes it and they do a ritual around it that makes it seem like they’re fixing it if you didn’t see the entire sequence. Do they all work on the mask to bring their specializations to it or did they film it a few different ways before making a choice about how it went down?

Will This Make the Cut?

I heard the script was around 260 pages last summer and things shifted quite a bit on this film as the story was fleshed out. With that in mind, unless this is a very long Star Wars film, I imagine lots of tiny details will be chopped from the movie. If it wasn’t for part of this propelling the story forward, I would think this sequence could be explained away in a line about his mask being fixed. When we saw the mask being reforged in the trailer I did kind of start to worry that it was one of the moments they’d toss us now to answer how the mask was fixed and then cut it and we’d see the movie and not question the mask too much. But to be clear, this is just conjecture on my part.

A Final Note about Castles in The Rise of Skywalker

The “Castle” set we were seeing photos of was for a miner town and not this location. The ” castle fish market” is not this location. More on that later!

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