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The Star Wars: Episode IX: THE RISE OF SKYWALKER Teaser Trailer is here! Screenshots and panel breakdown!

You waited and you waited and thankfully JJ doesn't stand for "Just Joking."

The trailer:

The trailer for Star Wars: Episode IX has finally been released thanks to the Celebration Chicago 2019’s “Episode IX” panel. The panel was hosted by Stephen Colbert which was a nice surprise. Our group made it through the insanity of the entire confused con floor. It was totally worth it to experience the trailer in a room full of people that love Star Wars as much as the rest of us.

Abrams said during the panel that the movie needs to work by itself but it also needs to be the third act of a three act trilogy. During the conversation they also touched on the loss of Carrie Fisher and how Abrams filled that void. They looked at the extra scenes from The Force Awakens to continue Leia’s story and they wrote scenes around that. They also confirmed that Fisher has scenes with her daughter Billie Lorde.

Star Wars: Episode IX doesn’t pick up immediately after VIII. Some time has past and the movie is an adventure the group goes on together. So we won’t have the cast a split up as we did in the previous films with the cast working together.

There was a little talk about CGI and practical effects. Abrams wanted to continue to have that real feeling to using locations like Wadi Rum in Jordan. During the pre-show they showed Kylo Ren in Jordan but that may have been from the Vanity Fair shoot. But there’s a lot of indications he does have scenes there.

Billy Dee Williams said I was sweet. The other people too but I think he mostly meant me. It was really nice to see Billy Dee Williams on the stage for a new Star Wars movie. Williams looked great on the Falcon in the picture the showed of him in his yellow shirt.

Naomi Ackie was confirmed to have the name Jannah. They showed her on the jungle planet looking battle hardened. She crosses paths with the main cast. Lando could have kids all over the galaxy so they didn’t rule out he was not her father. But they didn’t make a point of it either.

Boyega commented that Finn has found his identity as a member of the Resistance. Boyega felt that in the previous films, Finn didn’t have a costume that was his identity and in this one he finally gets one. They seemed to rule out that Phasma will be back as “she dead.” Also Finn is single and willing to mingle.

Oscar Isaac was shown with his scarf on the Wadi Rum set. There was also a cool shot of Finn and Poe sitting together in a bar/diner area.

Daisy Ridley turned 27 and she as briefly sang to by the audience. They commented that she started the Jedi books she took from the tree and rebuilt the lightsaber and it “lives.” There will be some new force powers that Rey will use but they were non-specific about it and JJ said Rey is special. Reylos will have to wait for the answer about the relationship’s status. They confirmed we won’t have anymore semi-naked Kylo force phone calls with Rey.

Kelly Marie Tran got a standing ovations from the audience which was great. They talked about how Tran narrated Cobalt Squadron book and it brought a little to the character in the film. They showed Rose in a shirt not unlike Poe’s IX shirt. Abrams was grateful that Rian Johnson cast Tran. Abrams would not confirm that Rose is with the crew on the adventure and said we would need to see the thing.

Shooting in Jordan reminded Anthony Daniels of the original McQuarrie photo with See-Threepio. They were filming in the desert for months and they shot for three weeks. There were sand storm breaks that could take an hour for them to pass.

Klog is on the jungle world with Greg Grunberg’s character and is a friend fo the resistance. He’s that slug kind of character we saw in the recent leak. I think we may have seen an ugnaught as well.

They then introduced D.O. They showed him like a rubber ducky which kind of lines up with the earlier report we had that he as like the duck in Tom and Jerry that thinks BB-8 is his “mom.”

It is crazy to think that another trilogy is already winding down. I’m ready for Rian Johnson’s next trilogy. There’s a cool finality to what’s upon us with IX but as we know, it is never over. This might be the end of the Skywalker saga but if you ask me, it’s just for now. That said, I’m ready to finish this one off and get onto the next one. But first bring me The Mandalorian! I’m ready!

Podcasts and Supplementary Content are on the way for the trailer and Celebration

We will be dropping a podcast for it with the entire MakingStarWars.net Podcast Network crew and friends. We also have a lot of Star Wars Celebration content for Now, This is Podcasting!’s Patreon page where we’re going ghost hunting with Corey and the ladies from You Creepy! in Chicago’s most haunted hotel and we ask the hard questions about the afterlife such as “Do ghosts like Return of the Jedi, or what?”

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