Dan Fogelman to write Indiana Jones 5? What was the premise of the Kasdan Indy script?

Indy 5 has a new writer!

I recently learned that Jon Kasdan had the premise for the Willow television series which was being developed for Disney+ along with some interesting Indiana Jones news. This morning Josh Horowitz broke said news that a Willow series is indeed coming to Disney+ and is a product of Jon Kasdan’s imagination.

My sources tell me that the Jon Kasdan script for Indiana Jones 5 has now been pushed onto Cars and This is Us writer Dan Fogelman who is penning the next installment of Indiana Jones. These same sources informed us about the various Rogue One: A Star Wars Story writers who all panned out to be accurate even though it took years in some instances to have them officially acknowledged.

(The information below pertained to another Indy IP but Kasdan did confirm his involvement).

My sources believe the idea for the Kasdan Indy 5 script  Jon Kasdan was working on focused on the Wałbrzych Gold Train legend. Supposedly, a train full of Nazi gold went missing near the Polish city of Wałbrzych. The train departed from Breslau with gold, masterpieces, weapons and other unknown priceless artifacts. It was then hidden in a series of mines dug by the Nazis.

With such a premise, if the writers brought back Ke Quan as Short Round it almost sounds like it could have been The Goonies for adults. I would imagine the mines would have been booby trapped to hell and some really cool sequences could have been created for that environment. The mine stuff is a lot like Temple of Doom in a way so if they did in fact move away from that premise, I’m okay with that.

My sources believe Dan Fogelman’s premise is not the same as the one in the Kasdan script. At this time it isn’t known what the MacGuffin that Fogelman is using for Indy 5 but they’re convinced he’s current writer on the picture. I think he’s an inspired choice, honestly.

I really loved the work the Jon Kasdan did on Solo: A Star Wars Story and I would have loved any Indy film from him and I will gladly take a Willow series from him. My sources believed that the Willow series would focus on Willow’s daughter to some extent but I’m not sure if they meant Elora Danan or his biological daughter Mims Ufgood.

That said, Fogelman will likely do something interesting with Indy and I’m happy that Lucasfilm is going with inspired choices with Indiana Jones 5’s writers.

I’m glad Lucasfilm is making Lucasfilm stories outside of Star Wars now. However, both Willow and Indy aren’t a sure thing as they haven’t even been written yet. Fingers crossed!

That’s what I’ve heard about Indy 5 and the Disney+ Willow series I can report. This morning’s Josh Horowitz news was much welcomed!

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