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SPOILERS! Dooku: Jedi Lost! – Tatooine Sons Review

In this episode, we give our SPOILERS and review of Dooku: Jedi Lost In this episode, we give our review of Dooku: Jedi Lost by Cavan Scott!

SPOILERS! Dooku: Jedi Lost!

You’ve been warned! SPOILERS for Dooku: Jedi Lost! Count Dooku has been one of the most mysterious enigmas in modern Star Wars canon. Why did he leave the Order and become one of the “Lost 20?” How did he become the Count of Serreno? And when did he turn to the Dark Side? This week, we’ll answer many of these questions as we give our review filled with SPOILERS for Dooku: Jedi Lost by Cavan Scott.

Plus, JG Carse of Blue Saber Podcast gets our Hot Takes on the latest Star Wars news and rumors:

  • Doctor Aphra found a Lightsaber Sniper Rifle? (And will she ever make it out of the comics and into live action?)
  • Is Billie Lourd standing in for Carrie Fisher in a YOUNG Princess Leia sequence in The Rise of Skywalker?
  • Will the success of Dooku: Jedi Lost lead to more stories that fill in gaps in the Star Wars universe?

And we’ll celebrate Samuel the Hutt’s 18th birthday and high school graduation!

SPOILERS! Dooku: Jedi Lost!

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(Check out last week’s episode HERE!)


  • 00:00:00 – Making Star Wars Podcast Network
  • 00:00:41 – Intro/Banter/Last Week’s Podcast Poll Results
  • 00:18:01 – Hot Takes! with JG Carse of Blue Saber Podcast
    • Doctor Aphra finds a new superweapon! Is she coming to live action?
    • Is a YOUNG Leia (and maybe Luke?) coming in The Rise of Skywalker?
    • Are we getting MORE stories in the gaps between Star Wars films?
  • 00:36:55 – SPOILERS! Dooku: Jedi Lost! by Cavan Scott
  • 01:13:59 – Anything Else?
    • #MakeSolo2Happen Day on Social Media – May 23rd
    • Star Wars Chicago 2019 Celebration Store Now Online
    • Third Live Action Star Wars Television Series Coming To Disney+
  • 01:19:52 – Star Wars/Lucasfilm Disclaimer

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