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Is Han Solo Rey’s Father? (And Other Rey Theories)

Jason Ward of MSW Shared a RUMOR He’s Heard, Stating that Han Solo is Rey’s Father. Is this true? And If Not, Where Did Rey Come From?

Is Han Solo Rey’s Father?

Is Han Solo Rey’s Father? A rumor thread on Reddit has accomplished something that no Star Wars property has ever done before: unite Star Wars fans! (That’s what happens when you successfully dishonor Princess Leia, Han Solo, and Rey in one fell swoop).

Here’s the theory…

Rey is Han Solo’s daughter, but she is NOT Leia Organa’s daughter (and therefore is NOT a Skywalker). Leia and Han apparently became estranged when Leia began training with Luke. She didn’t complete her training and returned to Han. But Ben somehow knew of the affair (although not necessarily about Rey), and began acting out. After becoming completely uncontrollable, he was sent to his crazy religious zealot Uncle Luke, to help straighten him out.

The rumor goes on to say that Lando Calrissian tells Finn and Poe something and they’re floored – and Jason (MSW) believes this scene to be related. Makes some sense as Lando is Han’s best friend. This is supposedly how Finn and Poe find out who Rey is. He also specifies that they can’t tell Rey; that she needs to find out on her own.

Jason connects this to how he has been told a flashback would reveal something completely “unexpected” about a “previous character.”

We pull on these rumor-strings to see if this has any merit, along with a few of the other prominent Rey theories – including a fresh twist on the Rey Skywalker theory that includes an important development from Thrawn: Alliances.

Is Han Solo Rey's Father

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  • 00:00:00 – Making Star Wars Podcast Network
  • 00:00:40 – Intro/Banter/Last Week’s Podcast Poll Results
  • 00:13:46 – Hot Takes! with JG Carse of Blue Saber Podcast
    • Did the Jedi’s Failures Create the Sith?
    • Could one of the Knights of Ren be a Mandalorian?
    • What’s the Sith Artifact Greedo is getting for Jabba? (And how did it end up on Battu?)
  • 00:32:24 – Is Han Solo Rey’s Father? (And Other Rey Theories)
  • 01:17:12 – Anything Else?
    • Is Boba Fett coming to Disney+?
    • Marvel Comics: Star Wars #108 is OUT!
    • Billie Lourd to Receive all Carrie Fisher’s Star Wars Royalties
  • 01:21:55 – Star Wars/Lucasfilm Disclaimer

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