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Is Rian Johnson’s Trilogy Dead? (NO!)

With the Announcement of Three "Untitled" Star Wars Films Beginning in 2022, Rumors Are Back Suggesting that Rian Johnson's Trilogy Has Been Cancelled.

Rian Johnson's Trilogy Dead

Is Rian Johnson’s Star Wars trilogy dead? Last week, Disney announced its future slate of movies including three “untitled” Star Wars films being released December 2022, 2024 and 2026. Along with this announcement, came the returning questions about Rian Johnson’s previously announced trilogy.

YouTubers and bloggers immediately began declaring that these announced films could only be the highly anticipated series being written and produced by David Benioff and D.B. Weiss, the producers of the mega-hit TV series Game of Thrones.

But could all of this really mean that Rian Johnson’s trilogy is dead? Or is this nothing more than wishful thinking from haters of The Last Jedi? We separate fact from fiction and throw in a little informed speculation to determine what we believe is and isn’t going on.

IsnRian Johnson's Trilogy Dead?

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00:00:41 - Introduction to Episode 71 of Tatooine Sons: A Star Wars Podcast
00:06:37 - Last Week's Podcast Poll of the Week Results
00:11:31 - Hot Takes!
00:31:49 - No! Rian Johnson's Trilogy is NOT Dead!
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01:07:37 - Lucasfilm/Star Wars Legal Disclaimer

Hot Takes:

  • Star Wars: Tie Fighter Comics series shifts the perspective in a very interesting way. Up until now, fans have almost exclusively seen Star Wars from the perspective of the Rebellion and the Jedi. But Tie Fighter aims to make heroes of the Empire.
  • Pedro Pascal, who played Oberyn Martell on the fourth season of HBO’s Game of Thrones, believes that the fantasy mega series owes its popularity to Star Wars. “I see enormous parallels between the world of Star Wars and the world of Game of Thrones,” Pascal said. “Game of Thrones might not exist if not for Star Wars, in the way that this world-building genre [took] science fiction to a new level in the way that Game of Thrones takes fantasy to a new level. And the way that it represents such concrete realities that we live in, although the irony being that it’s science fiction and fantasy.” Games of Thrones is becoming more and more connected to Star Wars. Gwendoline Christie (who played Captain Phasma in the Sequel Trilogy) and Emilia Clarke (who played Qira in Solo: A Star Wars Story)  are stars of the series. And of course the shows producers are currently “crafting” a series of Star Wars films.
  • Chris Avellone, best known for his work on the wildly popular Knights of the Old Republic video game, has been announced to be a writer for the highly anticipated Jedi: Fallen Order being released this November. And while this will make many Star Wars fans happy, his recent comments regarding The Last Jedi are sure to ruffle some feathers. In an interview with, Avellone said: “I thought that portrayal of Luke Skywalker was very weak. I thought they gave him a scapegoat role that wasn’t merited and didn’t fit with his character, in my opinion. I like the fact that they were playing around with it, but at the same time I didn’t like the execution and I thought it could have been handled a lot better or differently.” Avellone went on to say that he felt that many of the characters and plot decision were subpar. “I also thought it was a case of comedy goes too far, side characters and massive detour plots were rapidly introduced… I liked what they were trying to do, I just didn’t like how it was executed.”

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