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Laeta Kalogridis to write a “Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic” film?

BuzzFeed reports Laeta Kalogridis has been at work since 2018 on the film.

Buzzfeed is exclusively reporting that Laeta Kalogridis is writing the KOTOR screenplay for Lucasfilm. Kathleen Kennedy did acknowledge that the movie was possible but was also rather noncommittal to the idea at the time of Star Wars Celebration, careful not to promise to anything that wasn’t actually going to happen. Lucasfilm and Disney are as per usual are not confirming or denying anything to BuzzFeed. But this means a third Star Wars trilogy could be in development right now alongside Rian Johnson, Benioff/Weiss, and this if accurate.

BuzzFeed writes:

“Kalogridis is close to finishing the first script of a potential KOTOR trilogy, according to the three sources. She is the first woman writer of a Star Wars movie since The Empire Strikes Back in 1980, when Leigh Brackett received a cowriting credit with Lawrence Kasdan.”

BuzzFeed goes onto say that the script has been in development since 2018. If accurate that makes it somewhat unlikely this related to the Benioff and Weiss films that are coming down the road. Before the new schedule was released, my sources at Disney believed that the hiatus that was coming was to allow Benioff and Weiss to fully develop their series with the most creative comfort possible.

I think it makes sense for Lucasfilm to be developing and having scripts written for films that may or may not happen. This film doesn’t appear to fit into the recent release schedule However, several sources at Lucasfilm and Disney have told me that they didn’t believe that schedule we got was likely to be complete and there would likely be more films on the back end of that schedule. That’s why people saying Rian Johnson’s trilogy was dead seemed a little silly to me. But without really strong confirmation of what Benioff and Weiss are making and Rian Johnson, this could potentially be a third film in the “A Star Wars Story” series.

Hopefully we’ll know more soon. When it comes to the Knights of the Old Republic era stuff, there’s so much assumption, lies, and hope for that series in the fan community that it makes it hard to tell what any of it means, if anything. This story breaking from BuzzFeed makes me hopeful this is actually happening and coming down the road.

I really want to see an era of the galaxy we haven’t seen on screen. That said, I feel like the series will need a lot of adaption and rethinking for the big screen. How many video game movies have you see that are any good? A lot of The Old Republic era was just second guessing the prequel’s design and story choices to cater to a customer base that wanted something derivative and familiar. However, the game series elevated that charter with a fairly good story in the end. So the question I have is can you move far enough from what makes The Old Republic era we knew work and still make it good for the screen? I find a lot of the designs to be really weak compared to the concept art throwaways from the new films. Clearly the same designers will work on the new films an elevate it. But does that give KOTOR fans cognitive dissonance? Will this be the story of the game we played? Will this be Revan’s story? Or a whole new adventure set in the era that may break into the bigger elements of the beloved game?

Either way, more Star Wars films are good!

(Via BuzzFeed)

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