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MSW’s Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Visit – Part 10 Dok-Ondar’s Den of Antiquities!

A crazy Star Wars museum with creatures, weapons, and artifacts from the Star Wars saga!

When you get into Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, Batuu can be a sensory overload. I have to admit that I almost made a huge mistake. My friend Jerry and his son entered Dok-Ondar’s Den of Antiquities and I followed. I saw the big stuff, the obvious stuff like a Dok himself. The giant stuffed Hoth Wampa. It was neat. I heard something outside, couldn’t find Jerry and went outside to watch Stormtroopers harassing people. I didn’t see Jerry and decided he must still be inside. He wasn’t ready to go. He didn’t want to go and I’m glad because the longer I stayed the more I realized it was my favorite place in all of Batuu.

The circular building has a counter on the floor and merchandise you can actually buy on the lower walls with “prop” merch not really for sale on the upper levels of the walls. There’s a side boxed off “office” for Dok to evaluate antiquities where there’s an amazing animatronic version of the character. He has nasty hair under his “chin” you could see as he scrutinized artifacts. At one point he even kind of gets up and turns to look at something on the wall behind him.

To the left, there’s a tank with a dianoga inside, a baby one. It isn’t very big yet. To the right you can see a baby sarlacc in a tank as well and you can see its whole body in the sand and its tiny tentacles and beak move and look creepy. It was awesome.

It can be kinda hard to not just list what’s inside. But that really doesn’t give you a vibe for the place that’s what it is at all. It is an antique store and it has clutter and the beauty of the joint is in that clutter itself. There’s so much to miss. There’s so many things my friends who went there didn’t catch that I wondered what I missed. I didn’t note everything inside like I said. But here’s some of the things I liked finding.

  • There’s a bust of Yaddle the lady Yoda on the Jedi Council from The Phantom Menace.
  • There’s a silver Mandalorian helmet that looked like the one The Mandalorian wears in the new Disney+ streaming show. It could be a different helmet design but it looked liked it to me.
  • I noticed the headdress that belonged to Logray the Ewok Medicine man. Did someone kill him and take the sacred headdress to sell to Dok? I hope not. 
  • There’s a skull inside the shop that may belong to that of General Grievous.
  • I saw a scout trooper helmet that was painted which probably belonged to Ezra Bridger.
  • You could buy Kalikoris and there was one uptop that might have been Hera’s from Star Wars Rebels as well.
  • The Boushh helmet Leia wears in Return of the Jedi seems to be in there.
  • There was a staff like Amanaman’s from Return of the Jedi but it had Two-Tubes skull on it.
  • Tusken Raider artifacts and dressings.
  • A wall of guns with what probably consisted of some of Han Solo’s DL-44s.
  • I think the weapon in Dreyden Voss’ yacht that the Knight of Ren uses in Rise of Skywalker might also be in here or it is very similar at least.

The shop itself sells lightsaber crystals. You can also buy holorons for the Jedi and the Sith at the $50 to $60 range. They light up and you can move the pieces around a little. I’ve never been that crazy about the concept of those but they’re cool if that’s your thing.

You can buy replicas of Yoda’s cane and Emperor Palpatine’s cane. There’s lots of robes for purchase too. I think the merchandise is pretty rad in this shop overall but I liked it as a museum.

Dok-Ondar’s Den of Antiquities is the place where the entire saga comes together. Something from every Star Wars movie proves the galaxy is alive and all of the history happened to this place. Every relic you look at reminds you of a great story you heard consuming Star Wars content. When you don’t know what something is it inspires your imagination.

Dok-Ondar’s Den of Antiquities is easily my favorite place on Batuu.

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