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MSW’s Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Visit – Part 2 The Interactive Story!

Interacting with characters inside Galaxy's Edge!

MSW’s Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Visit – Part 2 The Interactive Story

While in front of Kylo Ren’s ship, two Stormtroopers approached my buddy Jerry and I and asked who was in charge. So we pointed towards his seven year old. The Stormtroopers then congratulated the little one on being small but commanding. They told the boy he had a bright future in the First Order leading a battalion one day. The boy was a little embarrassed but also really happy with the interaction. I think they were actually supposed to gun Jerry and myself down and take the child to begin his indoctrination but I was okay with that level of immersion not being present. There is a line and I suppose that’s one of them.

While I got my “solo” picture in front of the command shuttle, the photographer told me I came at the right time as there were no Stormtroopers around. I agreed with him that those guys suck. Under his breath he then said they beat him up and take his credits all the time. It was a casual tongue-in-cheek role-play encounter that wasn’t too forced and was amusing.

I then saw Resistance leader Vi Moradi sneaking through the crowd past me. She could tell I knew who she was as I mouthed her name to Jerry and son and she said something to the effect of “Hey, hot stuff” and kept on going past us. I’m pretty sure we have a thing now and its serious. Anyways, after that brief appearance by the Resistance’s main hero on Batuu the shit started to hit the fan. The Stormtroopers started asking people if they saw any suspicious activity. Jerry’s son shook his head “no” and gravitated towards his father’s leg not knowing what any of this meant.

A blonde woman dressed as a First Order Commander then went through the crowd being pompous with two First Order Stormtroopers by her side. The commander had a lot of dialogue about finding the spies that I cannot accurately recall right now. But this eventually brought Kylo Ren to his shuttle who was really angry about the situation and throwing a typical Kylo tantrum and ordering Stormtroopers to flood Batuu and weed out the Resistance from Batuu and Black Spire. He then scolded the commander for her failings and used the force to freeze her in place before releasing her. 

As you can see it was a very intense and active five to ten minutes in front of the ship where a lot of things happened. It was really cool. It took me back to Universal Studios as a kid and seeing the A-Team stunt show and as Jerry pointed out the heroes from Battlestar Galactica who would make an appearance to fight the Cylons at that park in the 1980’s. I bring this up because as a kid it was intense, scary, fun, and memorable. To me today, it is rad seeing this all play out and I can imagine children are going to absolutely love it and I cannot wait for my kids to experience it too.

While I’m on the character interactivity, later on I ran into Chewbacca walking down the street. We also saw Rey briefly as well. I heard that Chewbacca led a scavenger hunt type event for kids and I think Rey may have been involved but I didn’t see this first hand. I also have not seen any signs of Harkos the bounty hunter either. I think we’ve only seen him on the trading cards they released to preview Galaxy’s Edge at events last year. I suspect his story may be connected to the unopened Rise of the Resistance ride and that may be the main reason he was nowhere to be found.

Later in the evening, Chewbacca started working on ships outside of Batuu and it was pretty neat to see him off in the distance looking like something from a Bigfoot video waiting to get caught on camera.

At first I wasn’t sold on the interactive characters when I heard about it but after seeing it, I mostly enjoy it. Every now and then a cast member would make it a little cringey but for the most part it was really well done and the main heroes were handled well with pretty proficient acting and delivery.

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